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Permaculture is available to everybody

Permaculture is a sustainable and ethical gardening method which focuses on a natural way to practice gardening in order to create the best ecological system possible. No matter the size of your garden, you can still practice permaculture. This is a philosophy which works with nature rather than against it. My work is based on observations, combining ancient wisdoms with appropriate modern technologies. The goal is to achieve a sustainable regenerative environment to go towards biodiversity and possibly food independence.

Permaculture is an invitation to creativity. By giving a diverse flora in your garden, you will create an abundant ecosystem, rich and sustainable. It is a place that can also provide food for you and your family. Home-grown food tastes better and is more nutritious than produce at the market. I intend to show people that food can be free and gardening is a healthy way to get fit, build new skills and grow self-confidence.

As I care about our environment and people, I feel permaculture gardening is the future.

Together we will design the garden of your dreams

Iwill guide you through the steps necessary to create an ecosystem that attracts the insects and animals, which are essential to the well being of your garden.

If you have always wanted to create your own garden, but never seem to achieve your goal, my coaching is specially tailored for you and your garden.  If you have always wanted a garden, and do not have the time or ability, I can also provide permaculture gardening services.  If you have the skills, but lack the motivation or knowledge to design a garden, I will work side by side with you to create the garden you desire.

If you are a business that is concerned about ecology and want to set an example to the community; If you are a school and want to teach the importance of nurturing our planet to your students, I can assist with your needs. I work with natural products, recycled or new materials, always being mindful of ecology. I strive to create a pleasant place, combining flowers and vegetables according to your needs and wishes.

Contact me now! Our first meeting is free of charge and will last about an hour.

I treat with Respect

Diseases and pests are managed with natural products. I prepare the potions myself using natural products and essential oils. The flora and the fauna of your garden will benefit from it. A good diversity of the flora will bring all the necessary elements to fight possible attacks. I recommend to sow green fertilizer plants. Those plants can be invasive, but are very good for the soil and its life. Plus, they give a very cute prairie effect!

Prices and Availabilities

PermaTuin is based in Leiden, The Netherlands, but I am available in all Zuid Holland for permaculture design and online coaching.

Coaching/workshops: €45 pp/uur*.

Possibility of group discount.

Permaculture design: €90/uur*

*Prices are exclusive VAT and travel expenses, when applicable.

Contact me now!

Do you wish to develop sustainable environments, with the use of ecological products, to promote biodiversity? Or do you just need advices about the design of your garden? I am here to help. Our first meeting is free of charge!

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